Molly Schriber farming at Blackwood

In the late spring we had some new tools from Johnny’s Select Seeds and I thought I sensed a yearning from Molly to get out there and use them.
She very methodically stretched some string from one end of the row in the other in the tunnel so she would have straight beautiful lines. The next step was to feed the soil with delicious micro life on top of the soil. One of the new tools was a broad fork that would dig really deep into the soil and easily turn it. As the soil was turn you cold see the pellets of food dropping down the crevices and being swallowed up.

Kids farming at Blackwood


The preparation fork game next.Raking it over the top many time began to smooth the surface out.  Molly had in mind to plant arugula. Using the preparation fork again but this time with it upside down,  it easily dug little creases in the soil that was just perfect to drop the tiny seeds into.  (arugula happens to be one of the fastest germinating seeds around)

High Tunnels at Blackwood
Once the seeds were dropped into their “bed” , they were covered up, a few drip lines were laid down between the rows. Next some reamae was stretched over the top to keep the soil cooler since arugula prefers cool. A few days later the seeds were already peaking out of the ground.  The arugula was so beautiful. It actually stayed under the reamae cover the whole time, pushing against the cloth as  it grew taller, to protect against the heat and any bug that was was looking for a tasty nibble.

Arugula microgreens