The Skyfarm at POST Houston

A 1-acre rooftop food farm in the heart of Houston and part of the 5.5 acre Skylawn at POST, the dynamic adaptive reuse of the former Barbara Jordan US Post Office by foundational sponsor Lovett Commercial. The Skyfarm is a model for the possibilities of rooftop soil growing and urban, community-supported agriculture.

POST Houston breathes new life into the historic Barbara Jordan Post Office. Once the hub of the city’s U.S. mail system, the long-abandoned USPS headquarters in Houston has now been transformed by Lovett Commercial into a dynamic mixed-use complex expanding the city’s vibrant downtown. On top of all of this is a Texas-sized rooftop park with an urban farm we call the Skyfarm at POST Houston.

Our Urban Focus

Why the Skyfarm?

Blackwood is an educational non-profit founded in 2000 with the vision to create a conscious generation for a regenerative agricultural future. With a soil-focused approach to farming and land management blending ancestral, indigenous practices with today’s technology, Blackwood demonstrates how nutrient-dense foods which help to create better health outcomes for food consumers actually start with the health of our soil, and how healthy soil helps to mitigate the effects of climate change by increasing its capacity for carbon sequestration.

Since its founding, Blackwood has worked toward this vision through programs like field trips, workshops, retreats, a summer nature camp, and other experiential programming at its flagship 33-acre working, organic farm in Hempstead, TX, reaching thousands of Texans a year.

By operating the rooftop Skyfarm at POST Houston Blackwood has expanded its longtime mission to model “the indispensable role of regenerative food systems in all our lives” to address issues of fresh food access, inequity, and the carbon footprint of our prevailing food system in the urban environment, as well as other negative health and environmental outcomes of conventional agricultural practices.

Today, visitors can experience the Skyfarm by scheduling a tour, joining one of our upcoming volunteer days, or visiting our Skyfarmer’s Market. Ultimately, Blackwood and POST hope that the Skyfarm will serve as a globally recognized model for innovation in urban food production and food justice.

The Skyfarm was featured on Good Morning America!

In case you missed it:

Like what we now call the Landfarm in Hempstead, the Skyfarm is essentially a farm laboratory. We will experiment with different resilient and regenerative agriculture techniques like permaculture in a distinctive urban rooftop soil setting. We are creating educational experiences for all ages at the Skyfarm for future urban farmers and a more eco-literate generation. The fresh, organic produce we grow here will represent not only how we can build community around food in one of the biggest and most diverse cities in the US, but also how we can reduce our carbon footprint and create healthier outcomes for ourselves and our city with every piece of food we eat.

The Skyfarm’s non-profit mission is only possible through the generosity of donors big and small. Every dollar counts toward our vision to create a regenerative generation.