Farming for Future

About Blackwood

Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a nonprofit, 33-acre teaching farm in Waller County, Texas. Two acres of our land are cultivated, and the remainder is preserved in three distinct ecosystems: coastal prairie, post-oak savannah, and pine barrens.

“No one has yet charted a roadmap to a bright ecological future. If there were one, we would be solving our problems. Only innovative thinkers – those who are willing to venture away from the obvious, who are creative, clever and brave enough to try what seems to be wrong or impossible – will solve our future issues. It is my burning desire to offer young people the encouragement to experiment with what some might consider wrong or impossible, a safe place where they can try, fall, get up, and give it another try.” 

– Cath Conlon, founder and CEO, Blackwood Educational Land Institute


Blackwood Educational Land Institute is a teaching and regenerative farm, modeling the role of natural food systems by co-creating better ways to grow and source food.

Our programs teach:

  • about food and where it comes from
  • the value of community and collaboration
  • the pleasure of being outdoors.


Create a conscious generation for a regenerative agricultural future.