Blackwood Skyfarmer’s Market

An educational fresh food-focused farmer’s market on the first and third Sundays of every month on the rooftop at POST Houston.

Be a part of the Skyfarmer’s Market:

First and third Sundays of every month from 2 PM to 6 PM, starting October 15.

Shop, taste, and learn with fellow Texans working toward a greener, healthier future in the heart of Downtown Houston.

This farmer’s market unlike any other in the world celebrates all things local, nutritious, and healing for ourselves, our city, and our planet, all taking place on our one-acre regenerative rooftop farm.

About the Market

Each market will highlight seasonal organic produce and showcase the cultural diversity of Houston’s food scene, providing visitors with a free community food lesson, spotlighting other local makers and organizations making a difference toward the city’s green future, and offering Houstonians the opportunity to harvest their own fresh, organic produce…right in the heart of the city at the former Barbara Jordan US Post Office.

Our mission with the Blackwood Skyfarmer’s Market at POST Houston is to provide fresh, local, nutrient-dense food grown using regenerative practices to as many Houstonians as possible. The market also aims to educate all visitors on how to both improve individual and community health outcomes and contribute to a more resilient environment and local economy by consuming more local, regeneratively grown foods at home.

Here’s what to expect at each Skyfarmer’s Market…

At least 50% fresh or nutrient-dense food vendors
HOU-Pick Community Harvest

Pick your own fresh organic produce from the Skyfarm gardens.

Featured Food Station

Highlighting a signature seasonal food product crafted by Blackwood from Skyfarm crops

Ask a Skyfarmer Station

Ask gardening, farming, or food-based medicine questions from a Skyfarmer.

Community Vendor Station

Your way to discover unique, small-batch goods from local microbusinesses who don’t yet have a full market-scale of production.

Featured Nonprofit

As you make a difference by shopping local, discover other local changemakers to join their cause, volunteer, or find other ways to get involved.