School and Organization Visits

From September to April, we offer age-appropriate, multidisciplinary programs for students from 1st through 12th grade*. Students learn about agriculture firsthand on a working farm, including everything from food cycles to soil science.

We welcome visits from clubs, organizations, and corporations, too!

Field Trips Overview

Our programs:

• Introduce students to the concept of food systems.

• Teach students how food is grown, what makes a system sustainable, and the value of a healthy diet filled with locally grown meat and produce.

• Show students that it is possible – and advantageous – to grow food that doesn’t need chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial inputs.

Field trips are optionally TEKS relevant and geared toward your subject and larger curriculum. Whether you’re part of a girl scout troop, home school group or a public school, we can accommodate your pedagogy.

Interested visiting Blackwood for your next field trip? Please see our field trip options below and complete a request form.


1 hour – $12.50/student
2 hours – $15/student
3 hours – $18/student

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available. For more information, please email


• At this time, we are able to accommodate groups up to 50 with a chaperone to student ratio of 1:10 (including chaperones; can go up to 55 for groups of 50 with 5 chaperones).

• If your group requires more chaperones than what is noted above, please inquire about our family tour day option. We cannot offer a field trip for groups with a large number of adult chaperones.

• For ages 1st – 12th grade only. Please email for information regarding programming for kindergarten and preschool students.