Blackwood Nature Camp is a week-long, overnight boys and girls camp for ages 8-14. The purpose of Nature Camp is to provide children with the opportunity to step away from their screens and busy lives and spend time outdoors, making friends, and learning about themselves and their connection with nature.



In 2008 Blackwood Nature Camp was founded. This summer experience was created to allow children to explore and adventure through the outdoors and be free to discover or renew a relationship with the natural world.


Since then, our camp has grown to six week-long sessions in the summer, but our camp values remain the same – to give children the space to explore nature safely.



“You can take the farm out of nature education, but you can never take nature education out of farming.” – Cath Conlon, Founder of Blackwood

Our farm’s goal has always been to remind students of humanity’s intrinsic bond with the land, to teach the interconnectivity of all living things, and to suggest that great things can happen only if we realize that this interdependence extends to our families and our communities as well.

Our goal at Nature Camp is a direct reflection of those values. Our intention is to weave nature education into each and every component of camp. Whether it’s learning helper and hazard plants in the forest, teaching nature survival skills such as cane-pole fishing or shelter building, sparking children’s creative side through nature mandala and natural dye classes, or simply spending the evening stargazing under the cool night breeze; you can count on your child returning from camp with a greater sense of their connection to the earth, their impact on nature, and a zest for spending more time outside.



Our camp is small – we only take 26 campers each session. While big camps have their place, there are many benefits to our small size too.

  • A smaller counselor-to-camper ratio provides plenty of individualized attention.
  • Flexibility in our schedule and activities – sometimes all morning running under the sun means we need to shift afternoon activities to be more low impact (popsicle break on the porch, anyone?). With a smaller group, we can keep the schedule flexible and comfortable based on the day-to-day shifts and changes for campers.
  • The ability to make friends with everyone at camp. by the end of the week, we’re one big family!

Despite our small size, we have some big features. Blackwood Nature Camp is located on a tranquil 33-acre teaching farm with gorgeous Texas views. Our land is cultivated on three acres, with the remainder preserved in three distinct biomes. That means our forests and prairies remain natural and are perfectly staged for educating campers about the outdoors.

It also means that ingredients for our delicious camp meals are sourced right from our gardens! The legendary Chef Cade Conlon of Long Spoon Catering is our onsite chef and prepares all the incredible, nutritious camp meals. Many parents report back saying their kids are ready to come back to camp for the food alone!



This year we have 6 session options in June and July, The price per student is $1195, but you can save $200 if you register your camper before March 1st.  We firmly believe that every child should have the opportunity to come to summer camp, and we raise donations to support scholarships for those who need them. Click here to learn more about Nature Camp.