“R” is for Renewable Energy

Traditionally, farms are used to harvest produce and livestock, but there’s been a growing movement towards harvesting something new: renewable energy. Many farmers already use their land to produce renewable energy by growing corn to make ethanol, and many... Continue Reading »

“Q” is for Quality of Life

Ask any resource for a definition of “sustainable agriculture” and a focus on enhancing the quality of life for farmers, their workers, and their communities will always come up. Quality of life, as a broad concept, can mean many things.... Continue Reading »

“P” is for Permaculture

Permanent + agriculture = permaculture. Permaculture began as a collaboration between Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Tasmania in the 1970s. Mollison, a forester, was impressed with the stability and productivity of mature forests. He believed that if humans observed... Continue Reading »

“O” is for Organic

We’ve all seen the label on our foods in the grocery store: “Organic.” But what does that label really mean? Organic is a term that means a given food has been produced through approved standards by the Organic Food... Continue Reading »