Blackwood Educational Land Institute

Blackwood Land is a non-profit, 33-acre teaching farm perfectly located between Houston, Austin, and College Station. We’re on a mission to model the indispensable role of regenerative agriculture and food systems in all our lives and serve our community through educational programs such as summer camps and field trips.


What is Regenerative Agriculture?

At the intersection of soil health, agro-ecology development, carbon sequestration, and food cultivation is the practice of regenerative agriculture. We’re harnessing natural processes and systems to help draw-down carbon from the atmosphere and improve the water holding capacity of the Land using soil microbiology. By integrating our annual vegetable beds with our perennial plant guilds, we are building habitats for beneficial insects which serve as natural pest controls. As above, so below. The healthier our soils, the healthier our above ecosystems to produce delicious, nourishing produce for our community.

Blackwood Bounty CSA

Blackwood Bounty is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program run by our partner organization, Blackwood Living. By joining Blackwood Bounty, we ensure that you receive weekly deliveries of the freshest, most nutritionally dense vegetables our farm provides. 2019 Fall Season runs from Tuesday, October 15th through Tuesday, December 17th with pick up located in Houston, TX. Full shares are available!

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Farm Workshops

Come and learn about regenerative agriculture, cooking, and more in our new series of Farm Workshops. Designed to fully immerse you in a day on the farm, these hands-on, seasonally-focused experiences provide an opportunity to explore where food comes from, how it’s grown, and how to prepare it.

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