Blackwood Chickens

If you’ve ever sampled a dozen fresh, pasture-raised Blackwood eggs, you’ll have tasted the difference. This is because our happy hens (and roosters!) spend their days free-ranging our property, taking dust baths and pecking the earth to their heart’s content.

We have different hen breeds at Blackwood, from Barred Rocks (black with white spots), to Buff Orpingtons (yellowish colored), to Dominiques (also black with white spots). How can you tell the difference between both the black and white breeds? Their combs! Barred Rocks have a single comb, and Dominiques have a rose comb (solid, broad, and nearly flat). This breed variety means that our eggs come in a variety of colors too – from white to brown to green!

We currently have 100 chickens who, by laying on average one egg every other day, provide us with over four dozen eggs daily. When they are done foraging for grubs for the day, they settle in to roost and lay eggs in one of our three coops.

  • The Kentucky Coop, constructed in 1998 is located on the southeast side of the property. This raised coop is sometimes used to give young chicks a safe place to grow and stay warm.
  • Located on the south end of Blackwood, you’ll find the Chicken Palace. Donated in 2014, this coop provides a safe haven for our gals to lay eggs. The coop’s larger size gives our hens plenty of space to rest their feathers.
  • Finally, on the Northwest corner of the land (currently near the bee hives), is our Mobile Chicken Home. This coop on wheels allows us to frequently rotate the roaming area of our chickens, which works to both provide them a variety of food sources, as well as give the land a chance to rest and restore after all that pecking!

Fun facts:

  • It takes just 21 days from laying to hatching for a baby chicken to be born.
  • Chickens provide us with many things – insulation, alarm clock, eggs, fertilizer, aeration, food, and more!
  • None of our chickens are ever treated with antibiotics – so you can rest assured you are receiving the freshest, best eggs every time.