Our Philosophy

We grow healthy food to inspire the next generation and to connect us all. We are dedicated to harvesting and producing our food in restorative and environmentally-conscious manner, often employing key concepts of the day. Whether it’s biomechanics or permaculture, we’re integrating resiliency into our farming methods.

Blackwood Educational Land Institute reminds us of humanity’s intrinsic bond with the land. It teaches the interconnectivity of all living things. It suggests that great things can happen when we realize that this interdependence extends to our families and our communities as well.

At Blackwood Land, you can count on us for:

  • No synthetic chemicals
  • Soil and crop diversity
  • Self-sufficiency through the implementation of a closed-loop system
  • The ethical and humane treatment of animals
  • Continually seeking to improve taste and increase the foods’ regional viability
  • Utilizing low-energy resources as much as possible

We are essentially a farm laboratory. We experiment with different resilient and regenerative agriculture techniques like permaculture in order to support the land as a system.

Currently, we have the Kitchen Garden and the Hopscotch Garden. The Kitchen Garden is 25 years old and the Hopscotch was started in 2012. We cultivate in two high tunnels giving us 11,000 square feet of climate control space and one greenhouse. Our Utility Building holds space for 3 large walk in coolers. We model 5 different composting techniques.

The growing space is 3.5 acres and therefore the remainder of our land is open to 3 different ecosystems which support our crops.

We have a small flock of chickens for egg production and several colonies of bees. The bees, chickens and wildlife in turn support the health of the ecosystem and that helps our crops.

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