Here at Blackwood we rely on incredibly passionate volunteers. We see our volunteer opportunities as a regenerative activity; a way to immerse yourself in the importance of a resilient and sustainable food system. Check out our current opportunities below and help us continue our impact on education and preservation.


Assist our Farm Director with day-to-day tasks

For this opportunity we are looking for a volunteer that can come out to Blackwood a few times a month or more to assist our Farm Director with planting, harvesting, upkeep of our gardens and greenhouses, and more! This is a labor intensive opportunity but what better way to spend your day than in the beautiful outdoors?


Help with set-up and clean-up for our Mornings in the Country

Our Mornings’ in the Country are an opportunity for people to experience the beauty of Blackwood on the weekend. We rely on volunteers for this event to ensure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. tasks include setting up decorations, helping with food prep, and assisting with dishes and clean-up after the meal.


Run our CSA check-in

Our CSA will be starting back up this Spring and we are opening some new locations. In order to implement successful expansion of this program we need volunteers who can take some time on a Saturday morning to check people in for their CSA orders, making sure they are sent home with their correct order.

Stay Tuned for More Opportunities!

If you have any questions or are interested in helping with events or programs, please email phil@blackwoodland.org.