There’s a world of difference between finding a job and engaging in good work and/or developing a rewarding career. Both good work and jobs should provide the worker with a decent living, but good work goes beyond that: good work enables the worker to perfect their natural abilities. (Good Work)

According to a recent analysis of job opportunities in agriculture, “employers have 57,900 job openings in agriculture each year. But just 35,400 students graduate annually with a bachelor’s degree or higher in agriculture.” This means if agriculture is your true good work, there are plenty of openings. (Stockbridge)

Agriculture is a field that needs people with a passion for nature and sustainability. From any age to any location, your interest in agriculture can go from thought to action.

A list to start off your search:

  • Internships and Apprenticeships: Beginning Farmers. With a focus on sustainable agriculture and cultivating the next generation, this national database is ripe with opportunities.
  • Careers: Moses Organic. Individual farms from across the country come to Moses and post their needs, which you may be perfect to provide.
  • Volunteer and Overseas: Transitions Abroad. This website has opportunities both paid and volunteer, but all are in different countries.
  • Local to Texas: ATTRA. Internships, careers, and volunteer opportunities all in your own backyard are available here.
  • Agricultural Education: SAEA. With an emphasis on teaching sustainable agriculture, this website will provide you with a full harvest of opportunities for personal (and paycheck) growth.

And if you don’t find your good work in the employment lists above, you can always create your own! Garden in your backyard or in your community, get together with friends to cultivate that perfect plot of land. As long as you are pursuing your good work, it’s a job well done.