Underwrite Blackwood Camps

At Blackwood, we want every child to have the opportunity to explore nature in a safe environment. Our goal is to  never turn down a child’s call to adventure. Please help us maintain this goal by sponsoring a child for one of our camps.

When you underwrite a camper, you get something in return! Check out the exciting options you can earn below.

Additionally, we will add the name or company name of any full or partial underwriters to our website, which will be visible as a Nature Camp Underwriter for the remainder of the calendar year. All underwriter names or logos are eligible for renewal at the beginning of each calendar year in January.


EAGLE EYE: $50 – $99 (Provide a camper’s meals for a week)

Gift of appreciation: name on our camp sponsor page

NORTH BY NORTHWEST: $100 – $199  (Sponsor a camper’s meals and all activities )

Gifts of appreciation: Ball cap and name on camp sponsor page

CAPTURE THE FLAG: $200 – $500 (Sponsor half a week of camp)

Gifts of appreciation: Ball cap, t-shirt and name on camp sponsor page

RINGALEVIO: $850+ (Sponsor a camper(s) for a full week)

Gifts of appreciation: Ball cap, t-shirt, Farm Hands Salve, name or logo on camp sponsor page


Underwrite a Camper