“J” is for Jobs

There’s a world of difference between finding a job and engaging in good work and/or developing a rewarding career. Both good work and jobs should provide the worker with a decent living, but good work goes beyond that: good... Continue Reading »

“H” is for Holistic Management

In short, Holistic Management (HM) is an approach to managing agricultural resources. HM was originally developed by Allan Savory, acclaimed ecologist and environmentalist, as a solution for the desertification of nearly 2/3rds of the earth’s land. Through HM, Savory advocates... Continue Reading »

“G” is for Green Payments

In a nutshell, Green Payments are paid to farmers to compensate them for any environmental benefits that accrue as a result of their farming practices. This program is already underway in other developed countries to provide habitat services, ecological services,... Continue Reading »

“F” is for Forest Farming

According to the USDA, Forest Farming is, “the cultivation of high-value specialty crops under the protection of a forest canopy that has been modified to provide the correct shade level.” Before forest farming was “a thing,” it was just an... Continue Reading »