“P” is for Permaculture

Permanent + agriculture = permaculture. Permaculture began as a collaboration between Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in Tasmania in the 1970s. Mollison, a forester, was impressed with the stability and productivity of mature forests. He believed that if humans observed... Continue Reading »

“O” is for Organic

We’ve all seen the label on our foods in the grocery store: “Organic.” But what does that label really mean? Organic is a term that means a given food has been produced through approved standards by the Organic Food... Continue Reading »

“N” is for Nutrient Management

“N” IS FOR NUTRIENT MANAGEMENT Sustainable and environmentally friendly, nutrient management is the practice of using and adding soil nutrients as efficiently as possible to increase productivity of crop yields. Why is it used? One of the most prevalent indicators of a... Continue Reading »

“M” is for Managed Grazing

Managed grazing is when livestock only graze in one part of a pasture (paddock) at a time, allowing the other parts of the pasture to “rest” in between, which promotes the growth of grasses. Managed grazing is beneficial for two... Continue Reading »